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Home Organization: Shed the Guilt, Hire a Pro

Messy Room

Do you have a garage and no room in it to park a car?

Did you ever have to pay a late fee simply because you could not find the bill to pay it in time?

If I ask you right now for your tax return information for the past 5 years,  your pay stubs for the past 5 weeks or your birth certificate,  will it will take more than 10 minutes to locate and retrieve them?

If you answered yes to any of the above, don’t feel guilty. You are not alone. The US Department of Energy reports that 25% of homeowners with a two car garage don’t park any cars in them, and 32% park only one.

Research shows that 23% of adults say they pay late fees because they can’t locate the bills and Americans waste more than 9 million hours a day looking for lost and misplaced items.

Most of us would like to be organized and neat, but truth is, sometimes we just can’t keep up with work and daily chores, through no fault of our own. You should not feel guilty or embarrassed about it, because clutter and lack of organization are a product of very busy lifestyles, and not necessarily of procrastination and laziness.

Home organization is about method, consistency and time administration, and that is not exactly a “no-brainer” for most people, specially when they are living with the clutter and the mess. Like it happens with so many instances in life, sometimes you need to seek help from a pro to do things you feel you should be able to do on your own, and it is perfectly ok to do it.

According to Linda, from LMS Customized Solutions, a trusted CHDA member who provides Home Organization Services in Connecticut these are basic reasons why people usually hires a Home Organizer:

  • To brainstorm ideas – get a different perspective on the issues
  • To validate that their ideas will work
  • The process will go faster with the help of a professional
  • Not enough time or energy to tackle the project alone
  • Do not want to tackle the project alone
  • Procrastinating – Organizers can keep you focused and on track

If you need help organizing your Connecticut home, contact LMS Customized Solutions today.

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