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Home Theater Design: The Sky is The Limit. Or…is it?

Star Trek inspired Bridge Theater

The Star Trek inspired “Bridge Theater”: Where no Home Theater has gone before.

With the current economy, complicated housing market, and the end of the fuel crisis nowhere in sight, homeowners begin to look at their own homes as a source of entertainment. One of the biggest trends of the past decade, and which experts say will remain strong way into the middle of this century, were re-purposed and multi-function rooms.

Rather than try to build additions, or move into bigger homes, homeowners are trying to make the best of what they already have. Walls between kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are being forfeited in favor a single, big room that combines all the three functions. Formal living rooms are being transformed in a mix of Home Theater and Family Room; dining rooms, are now home offices and libraries. Basements are no long storage rooms, but media rooms, home offices and “man-caves”.

Current technologies allow homeowners to build custom home theaters to fit any size or type of room, many of which offering a sound and video experience  that is usually equivalent or superior to most commercial theaters. Read the rest of this entry »

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