Home Theater Design: The Sky is The Limit. Or…is it?

Star Trek inspired Bridge Theater

The Star Trek inspired “Bridge Theater”: Where no Home Theater has gone before.

With the current economy, complicated housing market, and the end of the fuel crisis nowhere in sight, homeowners begin to look at their own homes as a source of entertainment. One of the biggest trends of the past decade, and which experts say will remain strong way into the middle of this century, were re-purposed and multi-function rooms.

Rather than try to build additions, or move into bigger homes, homeowners are trying to make the best of what they already have. Walls between kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are being forfeited in favor a single, big room that combines all the three functions. Formal living rooms are being transformed in a mix of Home Theater and Family Room; dining rooms, are now home offices and libraries. Basements are no long storage rooms, but media rooms, home offices and “man-caves”.

Current technologies allow homeowners to build custom home theaters to fit any size or type of room, many of which offering a sound and video experience  that is usually equivalent or superior to most commercial theaters.

Add to that the fact that you can share that experience with as many friends as you can fit in the room, and there will be no gas spent, no parking or ticket fees and other draw backs like paying more for a bag of popcorn and a soda than you would for a complete dinner in a pretty decent restaurant, and you have a win.

A Dedicated Home Theater in ConnecticutBasic Home Theater
There are three basic types of Home Theater configurations. The Basic Home Theater is probably the most versatile configuration. A basic home theater system can be designed to fit any room of the house. It is perfect  as an addition to an existing living or family room, virtually a must in every “man-cave”,  and a desirable feature in  a bedroom. The video and sound offer quality comparable to many commercial theaters.

Dedicated Home Theater
A Dedicated Home Theater, built in a room of its own, significantly enhance the viewers experience. The high resolution video equipment is matched with a state-of-the-art surround sound system; hat is designed to work with specific room features to maximize results. Combined with comfortable, luxurious seating and advanced, computerized remote controls that let you pick not only audio and video settings, but control things like room lighting and temperature, give the viewers an enhanced experience, fairly superior to commercial home theaters

Extreme Home Theaters
For homeowners who have the room, time, taste, creativity, and budget an Extreme Home Theater takes the concept of home entertainment to another level. Extreme Home Theaters have sophisticated audio and video configurations combined with technologies such as motion seats, which will move, turn, vibrate following the action on screen, giving the viewer a Theme Park experience. Some homeowners go as far as combining these technologies with a room décor and design that is built around a theme, like the Star Trek inspired Home Theater illustrating this article or the  highly publicized Star Wars Home Theater. Click here for a virtual tour of that project.

Feel inspired?  Want to build a Home Theater in your Connecticut Home?

Whether it is a Basic, Dedicated or Extreme one, the guys at Smarthome and Theater Systems, can make all your Home Theater Dreams come True!

Smart Home and Theater Systems is a trusted CDHA member, with a great service reputation and references from many satisfied customers. Call them today for an estimate!

Browsing the web for more Extreme Home Theaters I found some interesting projects. Check them out:

Steve Jenkins Home Theater

Steve Jenkins re-created the atmosphere of old Movie Theaters in his home, with an impressive amount of hand crafted details.

Bat Cave Home Theater

Holy Home Theater Batman! A very interesting project by a company in Porthsmouth, NH

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  1. #1 by Grace Rodriguez on June 23, 2010 - 3:26 am

    Room decors should be made from organic materials not synthetic ones as much as possible.;*~

  2. #2 by cynthia on July 15, 2010 - 2:19 pm

    When it comes to basements, that is not the case, Grace.

    Basements are prone to moisture. Moisture combined with organic materials = mold.
    Mold is the second most common trigger of indoor allergies in America, and mold in your basement will simply ruin the whole house’s indoor air quality.

    Going “green” with basement remodeling means exactly the opposite of using organic materials. You want materials that will withstand moisture and not end up in the nearby landfill the next time you get heavy rains or a plumbing leak.

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