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LMS Customized Solutions

LMS Customized Solutions is devoted to taking the worry out of lessening your load, clearing out clutter, downsizing, moving to independent or assisted living facilities worry free, and altering space for better lifestyle fit. 


I know I am capable of doing this myself.

It seems indulgent to hire someone to do it for me.


Reasons people hire organizers are:


v     To brainstorm ideas - get a different perspective on the issues

v     To validate that their ideas will work

v     The process will go faster with the help of a professional

v     Not enough time or energy to tackle the project alone

v     Do not want to tackle the project alone

v  Procrastinating - Organizers can keep you focused and on track


Benefits of hiring an organizer:


v     Time and money savings - time gained could potentially pay for   the cost of an organizer

v     Time savings - more time to spend with family, friends and doing things you like to do

v     Health benefits - both mental and physical

v     Feeling peaceful and balanced


Have you asked yourself why people hire other professionals?


v     Do you sometimes go out to dinner when you can cook at home?

v     Do you hire someone to paint or clean your home, you know how to do these things but do you want to? Do you have time to do them?

v     Only you can determine what your limitations are and what you like and dislike doing.


Now ask yourself are you ready to try LIVING MORE SIMPLIFIED with LMS Customized Solutions.

Call for a confidential consultation:  


Phone 203.922.1042; cell 203.394.2393



Website: http://www.lmscustomizedsolutions.com
Testimonials: When left with the chore of clearing out my in-laws' home to prepare it for sale, I turned to Linda for advice and direction. I didn't know where to start. There was more than 50 years of accumulated collectibles, house wares, photos, books- essentia
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Angela H., Shelton, CT

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This has been a long, snowy winter and we are all looking forward to Spring. We still have some time to go before we can get outside so this month I am going to share some tips on getting paper under control. This way when the weather is nice and we want to be outside we won't feel guilty about the piles we left behind.
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