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We tell you where your home is using, losing, and wasting energy and exactly what to do about it so can start saving money now!


Saving More Than Energy

These days homes are gobbling more electricity than they have to in the summer and burning excessive fuel in the winter.  And as our power plants run around the clock to keep up with demand, they spew pollutants into the atmosphere.

You've heard all these things before global warming, holes in the ozone layer, greenhouse gases, ice caps melting, poor air quality outdoors, smog, asthma and respiratory ailments, energy shortages, rising fuel prices, brownouts, blackouts, you've been whacked with high electricity and fuel bills yourself and the list goes on and on.

For whatever reasons are most important to you, clearly something is going on and it's time to act.

Homes and buildings produce the most CO2 in the United States, accounting for 38% of the nations emissions.  Is there something you can do right now to save energy in your home while saving money and helping the environment?

Comfort, Energy, Indoor Air Quality, solutions go beyond single solutions. Addressing and solving source problems is important air leakage, duct leakage.

According to dept of energy more than 80% of homes have significant leakage in duct systems.

Air is constantly leaking in and out of your house through unseen gaps and leaks. This uncontrolled air leakage decrease comfort and reduces the quality of the air you breathe.

The air leakage in your home account for 25% of the energy needed for heating and cooling.
Considering that year round heating and cooling accounts for 50% of your total energy usage, your uncontrolled air leaks could be increasing your energy costs by as much as 12 to 20%.

Air leakage could literally be costing you thousands of dollars per year and you don’t even realize it.
Professional air sealing can provide many benefits such as increased year round comfort, improved indoor air quality, increased construction durability, decreased condensation problems, prevention of mold and mildew, and increased home value.


Using insulation in a home can mean big energy savings for a homeowner. When outside air is able to get inside your home it can really mess with your heating or air conditioning systems and force them to use more energy. Whether you live in a warm, humid climate, a climate that is plagued by regular snow and freezing temperatures, or one that experiences both each year, you will want to invest in insulation.

The Department of Energy reports that homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent when using insulation and air sealing techniques in their homes. The DOE writes, "Reducing your home heating and cooling bills begins with conducting a home energy audit to assess where your home may be losing energy through air leaks or inadequate insulation."

Insulating your home creates a resistance to heat flow. Typically, heat flows from warm to cool spaces, which means that in the winter you can expect warm air to flow into colder areas of the house like garages, attics and basements. The Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy writes that because of this temperature flow, heat lost in the winter must be replaced by your heating system, and heat gained in the summer must be removed by your air conditioning system.

The more insulation your home has, the less energy your heating and air conditioning systems will need to heat or cool your home. This means lower energy bills for you! Give Dr. Energy Savers a call today and have one of our specialists show you how to properly insulate your home.



If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an energy Star qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million dollars in annual energy cost, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.

Standard incandescent bulbs use much of their wattage to produce unwanted heat.  Halogen bulbs are even worse, and get red hot, and waste energy.  You want light, not heat!  And in the cooling season you have use more electricity to run your air conditioning more to get rid of the heat from the light bulbs!  Even in the heating season, you don’t want heat from a light bulb because it is expensive heat! 

Compact Fluorescent bulbs are the answer they save up to 5 times more than the cost of the bulb over the life of the bulb.  They generate 75% less heat, and last up to 10 times longer.

When they first came out, they cast a ghastly weird color light.  But that was years ago.  Today’s Compact Fluorescent bulbs produce a warm light, and some can even be dimmed. 

Don’t wait for your existing light bulbs to burn out.  Having Dr. Energy Saver change your bulbs to Compact Florescent bulbs is an easy decision.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The largest consumer of energy in your house is your heating and cooling system.  The Objective of your heating and cooling system is to properly and efficiently deliver comfort and clean indoor air to each room in your home.

In recent years great strides have been made in technology that results in much more efficient heating and cooling systems.  More efficient systems do a better job of converting your energy dollars into warm or cool air.

As your existing equipment ages it is more prone to breakdowns, and grows less efficient each year of operation.  If your existing heating and cooling equipment is 12 to 15 years old, you may consider replacing it with newer Energy Star rated equipment, which can save 10-20% or more on your heating and cooling costs.  And since Heating and cooling represents 50% of the energy use in your home it is well worth considering.

Dr. Energy Saver will tell you how old your equipment is, how efficient it is compared to today’s state-of-the-art Energy Star systems, and give you a general idea of its condition.

Leaky Ductwork

Your heating and air conditioning system uses a network of ducts to collect the air from the various rooms in your home, heat or cool it at the HVAC unit, and then redistribute it back to those rooms.  There are two types of ducts the return ducts that suck air from the rooms, and the supply ducts that blow heated or cooled air back to the rooms.  When you have leaks in your ductwork it costs you money.  How?

Ducts are run in unconditioned spaces such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, garages, and inside wall cavities.

When your return duct leaks, it sucks unconditioned and contaminated air from these spaces into the duct which distributes that air to the rest of your home.  Picture a leaky return duct running through your attic in August.  You are trying to cool your house, but the duct is sucking 10% of it’s air in from a 120 degree attic!  It will definitely cost you more to cool 120 degree air from the attic, compared to 78 degree air from the rooms.

Supply duct leakage is also a problem.  Picture a supply duct in a hot attic that is supposed to take the air you just paid to cool to the rooms in your home.  But the duct leaks 10% of it’s air out into the 120 degree attic!  This energy is wasted and lost.  Now picture this in the winter, when you are paying to heat the air, but 10% of it leaks out into the 30 degree attic again, energy wasted and lost.

There are other issues about pressure balance in your home.  For example if you have more supply duct leakage than return duct leakage, you will depressurize your home and suck more air in from the outside through holes and cracks and joints.  If you have more return duct leakage than supply duct leakage you will pressurize your home and blow more air out of all the holes and cracks and joints in your home.

Ductwork is often installed by the lowest skilled laborers on the crew when the home is built.  They do not understand the importance of the duct tightness and design.  And of course, back then, they probably were not thinking about saving energy as we must do today.

Dr. Energy Saver will assess how much duct leakage you have and recommend a solution.

Old Appliances are

Energy Hogs

These days, everyone has heard about Energy Star rated appliances.  These have been certified by a federal program as among the most energy efficient appliances in their category. But do you have them?

If you have old appliances, they probably consume more electricity than they need to. And the older they are, the worse they probably are.

For example, a new Energy Star rated refrigerator can save you more than 37% in electricity per year compared to a 20 year old refrigerator.

An Energy Star clothes washer can use as much as 12,584 gallons of water per year LESS than a standard machine. It's not only the water you are saving but the cost to heat that water as well.

Consider upgrading your appliances in your home as appropriate. If you wait until the appliance dies, you could be wasting money in the long run.

Water Usage & Plumbing

Did you know that toilets installed before 1994, flushed 6 times a day, use an average of 20 gallons per person per day?  An average shower takes 15 minutes, and can use up to 60 gallons of water with a conventional shower head.   Old washing machines use up to 60 gallons of water per load, and old dishwashers use up to 15 gallons per load.

In the case of showers, and washing clothes and dishes, it’s not just the water that is being wasted, but the significant energy needed to heat the extra water that is also being wasted.

A leaky hot water fixture that leaks one drop a second can cost $1 a month.

Saving water is important to your overall energy savings program.




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